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ces and cities〓 will be part of th■e rural home applian■ce project○ when it ki■cks off on Dece◆mbe

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r the 1st.Accor〓ding to the plan,● the central 〓government will give■ farmers a 13 p◆ercent subsidy on● all purchases of ce●rtain househ◆old appliances.In◆ fact, the list of s◆uch items has al●so been expand■ed. Washing machin〓es have

joined the ■original line〓-up which inclu〓des c

f■or many compani●es.

Last Octob◆er, China grante

olor TVs, ref◆rigerators◆ and mobile phones○. Authorities ha◆ve also lowered th〓eir requiremen■ts for manu■facturers who provi○de applianc■es for the● subsidy program.■Liu Haiquan, Minist■ry of Comme●rce said " ●We do not

restr◆ict enterprises bas●ed on producti●on sca

d a〓 13 percen■t subsi

dy to farm●ers who buy home

le and revenue●. As long 〓as the quality ○is good, you can 〓join the bid. Sma■ll and medium● enterprises can al■so join the pr○oject."Wang ■Bao'an, Min〓istry of Finance〓 said "Pro○ducts for rural● areas must m●eet certain en

vi●ronmental sta◆ndards. Th■is will help s〓ave

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energy and cut ●emissions. It● will also he●lp improve ■the logistics netw◆ork in rural a●reas."And the pro●ject will be◆ further expan○ded in Februa●ry next year, when ●it will cover all ru◆ral areas, and ◆stay in place until○ January 2013.It is ●estimated that th〓is four-year

projec●t will generat〓e up to 920 billi●on yuan in c●onsumption○ a big help for the◆ household electro〓nic appliance indust●ry h

it by the globa〓l finan

cial crisis.◆ The move

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also aims ■to tap pote〓ntially enormous de■mand across Ch●ina's vast rura●l regions.LAS VE◆GAS, Jan. 9 (Xi●nhua) -- As the■ 2009 Consumer El◆ectronic Show (CES)■ entered its seco■nd day in Las Vega◆s on Friday◆, software gian●t Microsoft's dis●play of a hardware a◆nd softwar〓e platform for■ the next generatio

●n of more ■useful and● flexible househ○old ob

the governmen○t subsidies wil●l reach 15 ?/h2>

jects, a○ppliances a●nd accessories has b■ecome one of th●e highlights. Two ○of the concept○ designs fe●atured in a● video at the booth○ area "net"● clock that, in addi○tion to givi◆ng the t

illion yuan in 20◆09.In turn, this?/h2>

ime, can〓 also download a●nd display a stock t■icker and lo〓cal traffic and we○ather reports,◆ and a digital ■photo fram○e that can not onl◆y download u●sers' latest holi◆day photos, but can

?will drive d■omestic dema●nd to over〓 5

●also be progr◆ammed to displa◆y anything ●else avail〓able on the Int◆ernet, fro■m current news headl●ines and sports ●scores to f〓ull-length movies●.  The■ Windows-based plat〓form is

◆says 10 more pro●vin

the● result of a co○llaboration b■etween Microsoft an●d a recently● formed com◆pany called Fugoo○, Microsof

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